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Symphony Orchestra of the University of Leuven

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About the management of the USO

The current council (2016-2017) is elected in June 2016. We are very proud to present them and their functions.

Lies Eykens
The chairman keeps order and discipline and makes sure everything runs smoothly. You can contact her with all your questions.

Marlot Vanwesemael
The secretary is responsible for the communication in and between the council and the orchestra. Attendances are notated and she knows everything about all members. Feel free to contact our secretary with all your questions about your possible membership.

Sebastiaan Jamaer
The treasurer manages our accounts and bills,

Niels De Ridder, Robin Michiels, Pieter Vermeir
These tough guys make sure that our material (chairs, stage etc.) ends up at the right place in time. You also find them driving the van.

Public Relations
Isabelle Lutz, Valentijn Prové, Leander Stalmans, Lore Willems
These hard workers take care of both the internal and external communication. Furthermore, they try to attract the audience for our concerts and try to find sponsors.

Animation and Recreation
Louis Dumortier, Katrijn Everaert, Laurane Thielemans, Arthur Van Gorp
This team of great boys and girls sees the members of the orchestra not only to play music, but also to make fun by means of all sorts of amusing activities. They are also answerable for the organisation of an external rehearsal trip.

If you have any questions, you may always refer back to council as a whole. You can contact them on or you can choose the separate functions, accessible trough the main menu.