Soloist audition | Soprano

Are you interested in soloing with the USO in Richard Strauss’ “Vier letzte Lieder”? Then be sure to read the following information about the audition and concerts.

You can apply to be a soloist by sending an email to In this (oversized documents may be sent via WeTransfer or shared via an online drive) you will immediately forward all documents for the pre-selection (see below). The deadline for application is July 16 at 23:59.

For the pre-selection, we ask you to send us a small recording of your chosen work, so that we can already estimate your level. Furthermore, we ask you to write a short motivation letter about why you would like to solo with the USO. Finally, we also ask you to include your CV in your application.

After the pre-selection, you will be contacted with the results. The lucky ones will be invited to audition on September 17, 2023 in Leuven. Here you will be expected to sing some pre-selected passages from the ‘Vier letzte Lieder’. These passages will be announced after the pre-selection.

Our concerts will take place on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 April 2024 with a preliminary dress rehearsal on Wednesday 17 April. It is therefore important that you are already free on at least these dates. Furthermore, we ask that you rehearse with the orchestra at least two more times in advance. These rehearsals will take place on Wednesdays and possibly Sundays as well.

The USO also pays the soloist for this concert series. If you would like to take a peek at the USO’s predetermined soloist contract already, you can consult it here.